Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summer pictures

August in Hobson is quite nice - a lot of sun, not so much rain as in Mannheim or St. Petersburg and comfortable temperatures. But it is also good to get out of Hobson so in June we went on an excursion to Worms:

One of my favorite places in Mannheim remains Luisenpark - and luckily Anna suggested that we spend a sunday there together with Stephan, Mom and Dad:

We also went on some excursions when Great-Grandma, Aunt Ruth and Uncle Mel came for a couple of days - besides Mannheim we also saw Speyer and Heidelberg:

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Spring cleaning, eh pics

Now that summer has finally arrived here in Hobson, Montana you might want to see some pics from my life as a farmhand. Here are some pics from when Lisa, Nelli and Lars came to visit. During their stay we also spent a day in Heidelberg:

Since it tends to get quite warm (and since Hobson is landlocked) we biked down to the Rhein one day for some ice cream and a foot bath.

A couple of days after the Strandbad-visit we went to a photo-exhibition on Chernobyl and then had lunch:

Working as a farmhand has developed my muscles so to round up the spring pictures here are some pictures of how strong I now am. ;-)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

At Farmor's

After three months of Mannheim it is time to escape to the wilderness of central Sweden (which - in case you're wondering - is 500km north of Stockholm). While Dad was nervous that we wouldn't leave Germany because of snow and ice we actually arrived in Stockholm only an hour late - our connecting train north was, however, due to snow storms in southern Sweden 3 1/2 hours late... Despite that we arrived all in one piece and survived all the end of year activities - with some pictures to accompany the adventure:

As a special gift there is even a bonus movie: ;-)