Saturday, January 30, 2010

Еще пара перлов

Козленок потерялся, и мама стала плакать со всех ног (изо всех сил).

Я так хорошо расскрашиваю! Ведь я умница и тэ дэ (итд.).

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Стоим с мамой на кухне печем блины. Ждем с работы папу.
Вдруг я слышу, что хлопнула входная дверь в парадную и кто-то поднимается по лестнице.
Кричу маме:
- Это, наверное, - папа! Побежали посмотрим в глазик! (Глазок в смысле;))

Sunday, January 10, 2010

More St. Petersburg pics

Although I have been back for a week here are some more pictures from St. Petersburg. Of course, one of the highlights was New Year's Eve - where even Ded Moroz came by and he brought us presents (but Snegurochka got lost in the snow storm...):

After New Year's Eve we had to relax a little (although Dad went to met Andrei and Sasha Nevskii on January 1st), but on January 2nd Tati took me to a New Year's show for children before we went to visit Great Aunt Galia. There we ate delicious pastries and cake and, more important, we met my cousin Andrei:

And for our last day Ania invited me (and mom and dad) to celebrate her 2nd birthday - which was great (and again good cake and a loooooot of clementines - yummy):

But now we're back in Copenhagen for a while.