Monday, December 28, 2009

Travel time

Ordrupgaard had a Munch exhibition which we wanted to see, so we grabbed Uncle Florian and biked out to Charlottenlund – at the museum we even had apple pie and something to drink after the exhibition:

The short bike trip was just a preparation for a bigger trip: The first two weeks of December we spent in Berlin – Dad got two weeks of research leave to do interviews and some fieldwork. By total coincidence we also were in Berlin for my birthday:

And, of course, ;-) I had my birthday party with my Berlin friends Pia and Sonja (combined with a Chanukah party) at Grandma's place:

December is a vacation month, so after 34 hours in Copenhagen we decided to head to St. Petersburg for the end of the year (and leaving for St. Petersburg we saw Barack Obama's Air Force One, Hillary Clinton's 757, Angela Ferkel's A310 as well as other dignitaries planes parked on the tarmac). At Tati and Deda's place I had some fun with my cousin Lika:

One morning Dad also managed to capture me eating my breakfast:

Finally, last week we visited Aunt Ksenia, Uncle Dzhon and my cousins Lika and Daniel:

If you're lucky, there will be some more pictures in the following days... ;-)