Sunday, March 29, 2009

the rocking moose, the book and a wooden pear

After an active weekend (birthday party, guests, shopping, eating...) I decided it was time for some pictures with the rocking moose and me:

while dad was downloading the pictures to his computer i decided to read a book and play with my wooden pear...

what a busy day...

Saturday, March 21, 2009

A miracle happened - pictures!

No, that is not a reference to נס גדול היה פה but to the fact that there are more pictures up. First some with me taken a couple of weeks ago while mom was at Danish. Here you can see me recite "Klappe, klappe kage" (a Danish adaptation of "Pattycake"):

Last week we were invited to Oliver's 1st birthday and before going on the bike ride to Nørrebro I needed some nourishment:

Finally, yesterday mom was out with her colleagues from work so dad and I decided to listen to Matisyahu and take some pictures. I sang "Lille Peter Edderkop" (the Danish versions of "Itsy-bitsy-spider") and "Hjulene på bussen" (the Danish version of "The wheels on the bus") for Dad. We also lit the shabbat candles (I already know half the brachot :-)):

Saturday, March 14, 2009

farfar visited

farfar visited at the end of february - and since you all like to live in suspense we took our time getting the pictures sorted ;-) but here they are:

Thursday, March 12, 2009


А никто не замечал, что у Маршака в "Глупом мышонке" утка почему-то не крякает, а гогочет. Лично мне это кажется очень странным;)

Стала петь мышонку утка:
- Га-га-га, усни, малютка!
После дождика в саду
Червяка тебе найду.