Thursday, December 18, 2008


Сегодня вместе с Дашей и ее мамой Олей мы посетили рождественский Тиволи, самый известный копенгагенский парк аттракционов.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


В воскресенье (14.12) на вечеринку по поводу моего дня рождения с подарками (спасиииииибо!!) пришли мои друзья (Даша, Лиза, Филип и Федя. Макс, к сожалению, заболел). Хорошо же мы повеселились, а особенно покушали;))

Папа-герой спек яблочный пирог, фирменные булочки и брауниз! Ням-ням. Еще у нас были фрукты, но огурцы и морковка пользовались большей популярностью:))

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pre and Post plus the real thing - my birthday!

While getting ready to storm out the house last Saturday (we left an hour earlier than we had to...) I opened the door and lo and behold, Nikolaus actually came to visit - our shoes were full of sweets and nuts - yummy!!!! To celebrate, Aunt Agathe and Uncle Florian came over for dinner and we had samosas (dad even made two without peas for me) and carrot-ginger soup (I really liked the soup and the samosa dough - even dipping my samosa in milk).

Tuesday, finally: a year older and a bit wiser - but now the terrible twos, so who knows what will happen... I got sooooooo many presents - books, a dress, a cashmere sweater, a rocking moose (believe me, it really rocks), a cradle for pupsik, duplo, a cotton theatre board, a puzzle, an easel (now I can follow in my great-grandmother's and my grandmother's artistic footsteps) and a harmonica (though I will have a hard time living up to great-grandfather's musical skills...). Mom & dad even baked 40 soya-milk buns to bring to vuggestue which were wolfed down by everybody. In the evening Aunt Agathe and Uncle Flo came by for dinner (but without Dike...). A nice day...

But you should not think I fell into a post-birthday hole - nope, I am my normal wild self - just like always. :-D 

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Almost back

And you thought I went on vacation ;-) Well, November was kind of hectic - we got a new sleeping sofa, dad had to go to sweden and new york, mom spent a lot of time studying danish and i watched a lot of sesame street and porcupine in the fog.
But, for all my fans, here, there and everywhere are some pictures - more to come in the near and distant future. ;-)