Sunday, March 30, 2008


Давненько что-то не было новостей по-русски... Буду срочно исправляться;) Начну с книжек...

Самые первые "правильные" (картонки) книжки я получила летом в подарок от своей двоюродной тети Юли. Фаворитом оказалась "Репка";)

Книги я с большим интересом сначала исследовала (грызла, отрывала корешок ит.д.), потом научилась сама читать, да ни как-нибудь, а вверх тормашками. Теперь я по большей части слушаю и рассматриваю картинки. Хотя порой все таки случается грызануть какую-нибудь книжицу, но это от сильной любви;)

Самая любимая книжка в данный момент (а этот данный момент длится уже больше, чем месяц) "Котенок по имени Гав". На мамин вопрос о том, что будем читать перед сном, неизменно отвечаю "Га".

Friday, March 21, 2008

new york, new york...

it's finally vacation time. almost three months without vacation takes its toll: before we left for new york both mom and i got really sick (just like before our trip last july where dad got sick). luckily we managed to crawl aboard the plane to new york (i only screamed during the landing) and more or less recuperated (part of our treatment has been to gain weight through eating a lot of good and interesting food...). i finally managed to say my first sentence: "мама, дай!" ("mom, give!") which i use for most forms of communication. but i also speak some english and manage to say "apple", "tea" and something similar to "squirrel".

i mostly spend the days either at home or cruising the neighborhood in my maclaren racing carriage or by foot (we have squirrels and cool playgrounds around here). great-grandpa enjoys walking with me, since i am the only one in the family who can keep up with his walking tempo. just about everybody on the street (including dogs) stops, smiles, licks and even talks to me - unthinkable in denmark. only jenny, great-aunt ruth's cat, is scared of me (and also very jealous...). as always there are some pictures:

p.s.: dad remembered that he still had some pictures from before he left for tromsø on his computer:

p.p.s.: check back often, since pictures are added to the new york album

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Grandma's here - again

grandma's back, juhu! and she also kisses my paws and does high fives ;-) we also got a chance to test the portrait studio mom and dad built:

you can also see some pictures from a recent feeding here: