Friday, December 28, 2007

back in piter

i'm back in piter at babushka and dedushka's place. we left last saturday and as a pleasant surprise flew business class (sas canceled our original flight and we were rebooked and bumped up to business class as compensation - i think... or it might have been a mistake) - but one suitcase decided to spend an extra 24 hours in riga sightseeing, so my clothes came a day later. while the ground was bare when we got here it finally started to snow and we might even have a white new year... and of course everybody looooooves to play with me! ;-)

p.s.: now i also roooooaaaaaaaar like a lion - but i still prefer to bray like a donkey! ;-)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

one year old!

bigger, more awake, stronger, more temperamental, cuter, heavier, more jolly, fatter, louder, faster, more talkative, brainier, funnier, more active, prettier, more curious - did i mention cuter? ;-) well, as you may recall, i just turned 1 which i celebrated at grandma and grandpa's place in berlin. i even let mom and dad be there as well as aunt lowa, alionka, ilia and sonia-marusia. while in berlin we also celebrated chanukah (well, of course also in copenhagen together with aunt agathe and uncle flo) and visited gregor, katia and pia. as always, there are some pictures (this time 73 - to celebrate my accomplishing of one year).

while it was fun to be in berlin, we had to get back - mom had her danish exam tuesday (which she passed :-)), today i got vaccinated and dad decided to do his yearly rudolf the red nosed reindeer imitation - he has also been listening to too much ддт (рожденный в ссср) and газманов (сделан в ссср). but i do like verka serduchka's lasha tumbai (mongolian milkshake or not, we won't be saying russia goodbye until january 6th, 2007 ;-)).

p.s.: cary, happy 50th birthday (did mitt send you a card?) and aunt vof, happy well you know how much birthday (hillary will send you a bat mitzvah card next year ;-))